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Partners for Water

The programme ‘Partners for Water’ is a joint initiative of several departments of the Government of the Netherlands, developed to strengthen the international position of the Dutch water sector and to stimulate Dutch innovative solutions for urban deltas and their supply systems.

The ‘Partners for Water’ programme covers between 40-70% of project costs with a maximum of € 600,000. This differs per type of project and per organisation.
With this ‘seed money’ two types of activities (or a combination) can be funded:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Demonstration and pilot projects

It is only possible to apply for subsidies for projects that fit within one or more of the following themes:

  • Drinking water & sanitation
  • Water governance
  • Sustainable development of water ways and harbours (not on-shore)
  • Climate
  • (Water) security
  • Food & ecosystems
  • Water & energy

The project must in all cases meet the following requirements:

  • All Dutch companies, research organisations or non-governmental organisations can apply. In case of a consortium, one partner will act as the Applicant.
  • The project must fit within a chain approach and the proposed solutions for water safety and water security must be scalable and replicable.
  • Foreign companies, NGO’s and research organisations may participate in the consortium but cannot act as the Applicant.
  • Dutch and foreign government organisations cannot participate in the consortium.

It is important that the project contributes to the strengthening of the international position of the Dutch water sector and enhances long-term collaboration between project partners. Projects should be innovative in nature and have the potential to create considerable spin-offs.

In 2016 and 2017 there will be no restriction on the choice of countries (with the exception of ‘fragile states’).

Call for Proposals:
Beginning 2017: Dutch companies and organisations with international ambitions in the water sector can apply for the grant by presenting their project proposal between January 9th and February 10th 2017.
Additional calls will be published on our website as soon as more information is available.

Please contact us for a free assessment to find out whether your business plan may qualify for ‘Partners for Water’ grant-funding.