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LS&H4D – Life Sciences & Health for Development

This programme is closed for the time being.

The Life Sciences & Health for Development (LS&H4D) Fund of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports projects which improve access to innovative health technologies that reduce poverty-related common diseases (like malaria, tuberculosis, diarrea etc) and conditions associated with sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The overal objective is to achieve structural poverty reduction by improving the health status of poorer populations in developing countries. Improvement of public health can boost economic development, while improved economic prospects again result in a better health status. The Fund’s specific objectives are:

  • a growing number of people has access to antiretroviral drugs, contraceptives and other products that promote good sexual and reproductive health;
  • improved sexual and reproductive care provided by public and private clinics, to which more and more people will have access;
  • combat poverty related diseases as set out in UN MDG 6.

Who can apply? Only Public-Private- Partnerships are eligible for this fund,  consisting of at least one commercial company, one not-for-profit civil society organisation, and one public authority. At least one party must be based in the Netherlands and one in a developing country. Research institutions may also participate in the partnership. Criteria

  • A LS&H4D project must involve activities that will benefit at least one of the above specific objectives.
  • All the projectactivities must take place after the application has been submitted.
  • The project must focus on realizing innovative health technologies in at least one of the following categories: a. medicines; b. biomedical products (such as vaccines); c. medical appliances/equipment; d. supportive technologies and services to enable effective diagnostics, treatment or prevention.
  • The project must be dealing with a specific phase of product innovation, or phocus on researching the introduction of products, techniques or services to new markets (actual marketing activities are not eligible).
  • At least 25% of the total eligible costs will be contributed by the members of the partnership; at least half of this contribution must be from for-profit enterprises;
  • The project should ultimately result in a business case that can be presented to the appropriate financial institutions and/or used in an international call for proposals, with a view to encouraging further product innovation or introducing a health technology to the market.

Amount of the grant The grant covers no more than 75% of the eligible project costs for each partnership, up to a maximum of:

  • €75,000 for a feasibility research;
  • €225,000 for the development of a ‘proof of principle’;
  • €225,000 for the development of a ‘proof of concept;
  • €150,000 for a feasibility study;
  • €300,000 for a demonstration project.
Country list The project must focus on a developing country included in the LS&H4D Country List.

Please contact us for a free assessment to find out whether your project idea might qualify for LS&H4D grant-funding.