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G4AW – Geodata for Agriculture and Water

The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility is supportive of the water and food security policies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and implemented by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).

The availability of open and free satellite data, a public good, allows for service provision for agricultural purposes (e.g. weather forecasts, agro-advisory services, financial/insurance products). With the rapid adoption of mobile phones in developing countries, millions of food producers in remote areas can be targeted with relevant agrometeorological and market information as well as banking services.  The G4AW Facility supports partnerships between private and public sector partners, NGOs and research institutions to set up large-scale, demand-driven and user-tailored satelite-based service chains.

Here you find more information on the G4AW Facility.

G4AW aims to:
1. improve the output of the agricultural and fishing sector in 26 partner countries by providing food producers with relevant information, advice or (financial) products
2. achieve a 25% more efficient use of water
3. achieve a 10% more efficient use of inputs for food production (seeds, fertiliser, pesticides, etc.)
4. reach a minimum 10% increase in sustainable food production and/or improved income of at least 3 million food producers, by providing them with relevant and timely information.

G4AW partner transition countries (max. 60% grant):
Colombia, Vietnam, South Africa

G4AW other partner countries (max. 70% grant):
Angola, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Conditions and criteria

• Project consortium (partnership) must comprise at least:

- 1 organisation from partner country
– 1 organisation from the Netherlands
– 1 public partner
– 1 private partner
– 1 partner for processing geodata

• Target group size: at least 100,000 farmers, 50,000 fishermen and/or 50,000 agro-pastoralists
• Maximum grant: €3,000,000 / Minimum grant: € 500,000
• Own contribution: at least 30% for G4AW partner countries and at least 40% for G4AW partner countries in transition (see above)
• Appraisal criteria:

- number of smallholders targeted
– outcome in terms of improved use of inputs, improved sustainable production, increased income, partnership including liaison function towards targeted end users own investment, liquidity, financial sustainability of service provision after project closure, substantial use of satellite data as input for service chain, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), gender policy.

Process and deadlines
Total grant funding available for this round is €19.8 million, which is expected to support 10-12 selected projects. Applicants are strongly advised to use the “Call for Advice” period to submit a concept note for a first initial assessment of the project idea, partnership and business case. NSO will provide non-binding recommendations whether and how to further develop the concept note into a full proposal as part of the application. Applications that are incomplete on the application deadline will be rejected. It is therefore recommended to submit the application at least two weeks before the application deadline so that NSO can check the completeness of the information submitted.

The last call for proposals closed in September 2017. Information on new calls will be provided on our  website as soon as available.

Advance Consulting & G4AW
Advance Consulting is a business consulting firm with a focus on private sector investment in developing countries. We support businesses to identify commercial opportunities, advise on strategic cooperation, develop bankable business plans, write project proposals and investment propositions, acquire financing, and provide technical assistance and project management support. We support companies, NGOs and knowledge institutes to develop projects, write concept notes and formulate full proposals to attract grant financing from complex and very competitive programmes such as G4AW.

In the second G4AW call (2015), we facilitated the successful application for three projects that are currently in their implementation phase, being:

For more information on how we can assist you to participate in the G4AW programme, please contact Siebren Wilschut by email: or by phone: +31 318 67 2704.