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GhanaVeg – Vegetable sector development in Ghana

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GhanaVeg – Healthy and Quality Vegetables from Ghana through New Ways of Doing Business

GhanaVeg is public-private program for commercial vegetable sector development in Ghana, initiated (and funded) by the Netherlands Embassy in Accra in line with efforts towards prioritizing commercial agriculture in its 4-year Multi-Annual Strategic Plan (2014-2017). The program brings together key service providers, producers, processors, traders and wholesale/retailers in the vegetable sector in Ghana.

Competitive vegetable sector contributes to economic growth
GhanaVeg’s mission is to establish a sustainable and internationally competitive vegetable sector that contributes to inclusive economic growth and has the capacity to continuously innovate in terms of products and services.

The objectives include improving productivity in the vegetable sector; facilitating more efficient markets, including: linking vegetable producers and other value chain operators with the Dutch private sector; improving the business climate and further professionalizing the value chain for vegetable production and consumption in Africa.

Frank Joosten and Sjoerd Herms of Advance Consulting contributed to various studies and publications of the GhanaVeg program:

We conduct studies for strategic business development and facilitate different commercial sector programmes in various countries including Indonesia, Myanmar and Ethiopia.

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