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EEP Mekong – grant for clean energy

Vietnam-renewable-energy-330x248The EEP Mekong (Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with the Mekong Region ) invites applications for projects on access to sustainable energy, with prospects for scaling-up and/or replication.  The programme provides financial incentives (grants) to these projects to overcome specific implementation and market barriers, which currently constrain supply of sustainable and affordable renewable energy solutions to the people of the Mekong countries: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. EEP Mekong is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Technical focus
The technical focus of the proposed projects must be one of the following technologies: biomass, biofuels (only with non-food based input materials and only for local consumption), biogas, hydro power (up to 10 MW), solar (PV & thermal), wind, energy efficiency/conservation, waste-to-energy, hybrid (combination of one or more technical focuses).

Application process
There are two different windows for application, depending on the type of organization applying:
• Window EEPM-8A: for Civil Society Organizations (CSO)
• Window EEPM-8B: for private sector companies in clean energy.
CSO can propose pilot projects on a smaller scale whereas private sector projects should be close to commercial maturity and have potential for scaling-up.

Grant amount
The minimum size of a proposed project is EUR 250,000. The EEP contribution is max. 60% for CSO.  There is no maximum size for private companies, but the EEP contribution is capped at EUR 1,000,000. The grant amount will depend on the project scope and level of verifiable co-financing brought in by the project. The maximum in-kind contribution is 10% of the project budget.

Countries of implementation
Projects have to be implemented in one or more of the EEP Mekong partner countries Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
(It is considered as an advantage if the projects are implemented jointly between a project developer from the Mekong Region and a Clean Energy service provider from Finland)

Lead Applicants (in case of consortia) or sole applicants must be registered in one of the Mekong partner countries or Finland.

Project duration
The project duration is limited to 12 months and projects should end before November 2018.

The deadline for submission of proposals is  June 30th, 2017, 16:00 hrs, Vientiane Time.

Advance Consulting successfully assisted companies and organisations in developing concept notes and full project proposals for the EEP East Africa programme. Below are some examples:
• Feasability study on briquettes from biowaste for households in Burundi
• Solar lights manufacturing, repair and sales in Burundi.
• Introduction of small-scale waste-to-energy technology to South Africa
For detailed information about the EEP Mekong programme, the application process and requirements, please contact Suzana Djodjo, e-mail: