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Bolivia: Production of feed-grade copper sulphate

General information
Project location: Oruro, Bolivia, Bolivia
Consortium: Chilean Copper Ltda, Procesadora Elvira (Procel)
Project Budget: € 1,190,930
External financing: PSI programme
Project period: From 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2015

Chilean Copper Ltda is primordial a Chilean engineering consulting company specialized in the design, procurement, installation and operation of copper sulphate plants. The company also markets copper sulphate products internationally. Procesadora “Elvira” (Procel) is a Bolivian manufacturer of sulphuric acid and copper sulphate for the local industry, principally the mining sector. Procel was the only local manufacturer of these chemicals, but due to expected competition of a new local manufacturer of sulphuric acid, Procel was in search for alternatives for its surplus production of sulphuric acid. Jointly with Chilean Copper the company has identified and decided to invest jointly in the production of copper sulphate as feed additive for the international market, recycling locally collected copper scrap and abandoned ore with a low copper content.

A pilot plant with up-to-date, environmentally sound technology and an annual production capacity of 2,400ton will be set-up.  The joint-venture will generate 34 medium and high levelled direct jobs and an estimated 155 indirect jobs at local scrap collection centres and artisanal mining companies. The company’s staff will intensively be trained as well as 40 key staff members of local copper suppliers. Long-term supply contracts will be signed with the local copper suppliers; paid prices for copper sources will be based on the international value of copper. After a successful establishment of the pilot plant, the project partners will invest in the expansion of the plant to the tune of Euro 750,000 in order to double its annual production capacity to 4,800ton feed-grade copper sulphate, generating additionally 18 direct jobs and approximately 155 indirect jobs with the local copper suppliers.

feed grade copper sulfate - Bolivia

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