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Cambodia: SA8000-certified eyewear cloths for the optical industry

General information
Project location: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Consortium: Pratex Asia Ltd., Pactics Cambodia Co. Ltd.
External financing: PSI
Project period: 2012-2014

Mr Piet Holten, a Dutch national who combines entrepreneurial spirit with a strong social commitment, is founder and owner  of Pratex Asia Ltd. The Hong Kong based company specializes in the production and development of premium packaging for international eyewear companies, and avails of production facilities in Shanghai and Cambodia.

Pratex Asia focusses on the production of microfiber products for some of the world’s leading brands in the fashion and sports industry. The company ships over 20 million products per annum to European, American and Chinese clients.

Pratex is currently establishing a facility for the production of microfiber eyewear cloths in Cambodia. The international demand for the product is increasing. However, rising costs and the continuous pressure on prices in the Chinese market make it difficult to stick to the Pratex-ideal of a company where people can make a decent living. Moving production to Cambodia, where costs are lower, offers opportunities for Pratex to produce against competitive prices whilst keeping its corporate responsibility standard high.  Besides low costs, Cambodia offers other advantages, like a preferred market entry into Europe and reduced exchange rate risks, as business can be conducted in dollars, rather than the Chinese Yuan.

The new production facility will be build in the small town of Siem Reap, mainly known as a gateway to the famous Angkor Wat temple complex. Siem Reap currently lacks any significant industry to support the local economy. The new factory will bring much needed employment to Siem Reap. For approximately 160 employees this means they can remain with their families and do not need to move to Phnom Penh for work. Besides a comprehensive corporate social responsibility practice, the new factory building will also incorporate a long list of sustainable and eco-friendly features.

Read this interesting article from the Phnom Penh Post, covering amongst others the social and environmental aspects taken into consideration for this project.

Advance Consulting assisted Pratex Asia in developing the financial business plan and the PSI project proposal. It currently provides project management support services to the investment partners.

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