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Indonesia: “Ayam Dingin Segar” Campaign

difsliveOn October 6th the consumer campaign “Ayam Dingin Segar” (meaning “cold fresh chicken”)was officially launched by Dr Ir Riwantoro,  Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture. Through this campaign, consumers in the Greater Jakarta region are being informed on the fact that cooled chicken meat is a good alternative to the freshly slaughtered poultry meat sold at the wet markets and by street vendors.

During the event, Ibu Sri Mukatini, Director Veterinary Public Health at the Ministry of Agriculture and Chef and Health & Nutrition Advisor Edwin Lau explained the advantages of cooled chicken meat and answered questions from the audience. It was a lively event which attracted a lot of attention. Soon after the launch the Ayam Dingin Segar message became one of the main trending topics on Twitter in Indonesia.

Food safety and public health regulations require that meat is slaughtered and marketed under hygienic, cooled conditions, but enforcement is difficult.

The campaign is part of the Dutch – Indonesian programme on Food Security and Livestock (DIFS-Live) which focusses on the sustainable development of the poultry and dairy sub-sectors in West Java. The goal of DIFS-Live is to develop viable models for domestic production and supply of affordable, nutritious and safe animal-based products.

For more information on the campaign and DIFS Live visit the DIFS-Live website. Advance Consulting is one of the partners of DIFS-Live and responsible for project coordination and managment.