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FDW III call: 26 proposals

The Sustainable Water Fund (FDW – Fonds Duurzaam Water) is a facility of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to contribute to water safety and water security in developing countries through cooperation between private and public partners.

The facility’s third call-for-proposals resulted in 26 final applications submitted towards the end of February 2017. Also, 30 vouchers were awarded to support applicants in the development of a full project proposal.

Of the proposals submitted, 50% is focused on the theme ‘improved access to drinking water and sanitation (including solid waste)’ (figure 1).








An interesting development is that most of the applicants are based outside the Netherlands (54%). This strong local anchoring will improve the chances for success.

The geographical distribution of applications is as follows: 14 for Africa, 7 for Asia, 2 for the Middle East and 3 for Latin America.

The evaluation process has started and visits to the intended project sites and partners are in progress. Towards the end of June 2017, RVO will announce which project proposals qualify for the FDW subsidy.

(Source: Netherlands Water Partnership)