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Myanmar: Vegetable wholesale market management planning

Indonesia: DIFS-Live programme on food security, poultry & dairy

Burundi: Solar lights assembly, repair and sales

Burundi: Feasibility study – biowaste briquettes for households

Jordan: breeding disease tolerant vegetable seed

Ethiopia: Marketing protein-rich soy products

Ghana: Sustainable maize programme

Palestine Territories: Iron scrap recycling in Hebron

Bolivia: Processing of scrap metal into wheels, bogies and other sand-cast products

Bolivia: Production of feed-grade copper sulphate

Bolivia: Production of bitumen (PMB) for road construction

Zambia: Tier II data hosting, recovery and forensic services centre

Sierra Leone: LPG bulk storage and distribution

Peru: Growing asparagus in the desert of Peru

West Africa: Supporting the sustainable development of the cocoa sector in West Africa

Cambodia: SA8000-certified eyewear cloths for the optical industry

Indonesia: Sustainable candlenut and castor biomass supply chains

Sierra Leone : Affordable electricity and safe drinking water on the basis of hydro power generation in Yele ...

Peru: Optimization of dairy farming on the basis of local feed resources

Angola: Production of doors and windows for low-cost housing

Angola: Commercial catfish farming

Southern Vietnam: BRC-certified rice vermicelli production with outgrowers

Thailand: Manufacturing of composite aircraft interior parts

Thailand: Innovative boat building in Chonburi

Nepal: Exporting certified and fair-trade essential oils

Nepal: Hybrid seed production

Nepal: Certified herb extracts

Indonesia: Hair stemcell transplantation clinic in Jakarta

Indonesia: A supply chain for fresh organic cassava chips

China: Breeding, selection and testing of new rose varieties for the Chinese market

China: Premium organic roses

Suriname: Sustainable butterfly farming

Bhutan: Poverty alleviation through road development in southern Bhutan

Bangladesh: Digital printing of garment tags

Bangladesh: Buffalo and cattle improvement

Suriname: Sustainable supply chain of smoked fish for export

Bangladesh: Specialty liners and coatings for industrial FIBC’s (or big bags)

Peru: Garment manufacturing by micro-enterprises in Arequipa

Zimbabwe: AECF funding for soy cultivation outgrower scheme and processing plant

Peru: Producer-owned supply chain of organic fair trade bananas

Zambia: Production of forage seeds

Peru: Growing and Trading of Hypericums

Tanzania: Pigeon pea processing plant

South Sudan: Modern printing services

Nicaragua: Piloting the cultivation of fresh herbs for export

South Africa : Capacity building for Seed Industry Development in South Africa

Honduras: Production and export of pre-finished tropical plants

South Africa : Breeding hybrid pumpkin

Guatemala: Piloting hybrid vegetable seed production services

South-Africa: Stand-alone toolshop for thinwalled injection moulds

Sierra Leone: Processing smallholder palm oil into toilet soap in Freetown

Sierra Leone: Establishment of a medical imaging & diagnostics centre

Sierra Leone: Providing modern cargo services at Freetown International Airport

Senegal: Biomass gasification for electricity generation

Senegal: Electrification project in the Municipality of Pata

Rwanda: Manufacturing of high-end quality furniture

Uganda: Kalanchoë propagation

Uganda: Wet processing of Arabica coffee

Ecuador: Fair-trade and organic banana production by smallholders

Mozambique: Sesame hulling – adding value to sesame seed

Colombia: Cut flower care products

Mozambique: Manufacturing of granulated compound fertilisers for the Southern African markets ...

Colombia: Promotion of Zantedeschia and strengthening of Alstroemeria

Mali: Artificial insemination in the Malian livestock sector

Malawi: From Bio-waste to Bio-fuel

Malawi: Warehouse Receipt System and Options in Malawi’s agricultural commodity trade

Brazil: Exportable biomass from açai residues

Tanzania & Malawi: Coffee diversification – raising income security of smallholder coffee growers

Brazil: Rainforest canopy infrastructure for eco tourism and research

Madagascar: Sustainable sea cucumber farming

Bolivia: Wild cocoa from the Bolivian jungle

Kenya: Introducing seed based propagation in Kenyan cut flower sector

Bolivia: Sustainable forestry through corporate-community partnership

Ghana: Fair trade organic pineapples for export

Cobija: Generating electricity and carbon credits through gasification of brazil nut shells and pods ...

Ethiopia: Establishment of a sustainable supply chain for industrial bamboo products

Ethiopia: Exporting fruit and vegetables

Egypt: Pilot production of grafted vegetable seedlings

Bolivia: Value added sesame products

Bolivia: Collection and processing of açai into certified pulp and powder

Egypt: Stand-alone toolshop and test centre for thin walled injection moulds

Ghana: High value production chain for floating fish feed.

Bolivia: SA8000-certified manufacturing of llama fiber fashion knitwear for the high-end market ...

DR Congo: Establishing a sustainable cocoa supply chain in Equateur province

Burundi: Mobile phones assembly, repair and recycling

Bolivia: Electronic payment services

Ukraine: Purification of drinking water from polluted ground water

Serbia: Pilot glasshouse production of high quality vegetable seedlings

Russian Federation: Establishment of a modern growing facility for ornamental plants

Macedonia: Building glasshouses

Angola: Establishment of a manufacturing plant for high quality plastic packaging

Kosovo: Manufacturing of window decorations

Bulgaria: Production of high quality professional kitchens

Bosnia-Herzegovina: High-precision CNC metal processing

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