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Mali: Artificial insemination in the Malian livestock sector

General information
Project location: Bamako and Koutiala (Sikasso province), Mali
Consortium: KI Samen, Sahel Veto
Project Budget: Euro 530,000
External financing: 60% grant funding by PSOM
Project period: January 2008 - June 2009

KI Samen from the Netherlands together with its Malian partner Sahel Veto will develop the market for Artificial Insemination (AI) services for Malian dairy and beef livestock farmers in the most important production regions in the southern and central parts of Mali. Through this business venture the expertise of KI Samen in genetic improvement of cattle herds will be merged with Sahel Veto’s contacts, networks and experience in the Malian livestock sector. The business partners will establish a central AI service centre in Bamako from where frozen straws with semen will be distributed to regional stations and private veterinarians that provide AI services. Distribution and logistics in the project period will be further tested by the establishment of a regional centre in Koutiala. Close cooperation with existing livestock farmer organisations and veterinarians in these regions is foreseen as a key element of the pilot strategy. The locations for the AI service centres – Bamako and Koutiala – have been selected because these are among the regions with the highest livestock development potential. The successful completion of the pilot project will provide the basis for the successful expansion of the AI services to other parts of the country and the establishment of an AI breeding station.

To this end the following results are foreseen: (a) establishment of the business structure jointly owned and managed by KI Samen and Sahel Veto; (b) establishment and equipping of one central and one regional distribution station; (c) staff and associated veterinarians having gained sufficient competence in AI sales and service provision; (d) the new company having an operational sales and marketing programme; (e) planning in place for the establishm

ent of additional regional service centres and an AI breeding station to meet the investment and operational requirements for expansion of the business.

The joint venture company of KI Samen and Sahel Veto will establish two AI distribution centres; each centre will be equipped with large liquid nitrogen tanks (capacity of several thousand litres) and distribution tanks for field level distribution. Furthermore each centre will be provided with (a) the necessary equipment and supplies f

or the provision of AI services (thawing units, AI syringes, etc.) and (b) transport facilities for the distribution of straws to the veterinarians and local technicians who implement the AI services. Training of management and staff will be necessary to manage the distribution staff and to provide product information and technical advice to AI service providers and livestock farmers.

Building on the project success, KI Samen and Sahel Veto will expand their joint business operations through the establishment of at least 3 additional distribution centres elsewhere in south and central Mali. The 17,500 inseminations in year two of the project will increase to 32,500 per year two years after project completion. In view of the level of organisation of farmers in the commercial dairy and beef fattening sector in combination with the de
For more information about the applicant and/or the project, please visit mand for milk and beef, the feed situation in the main cattle producing areas and the know-how of commercial cattle farmers in Mali, this is a feasible target. In the years following project completion an AI breeding farm and production laboratory adjacent to the central distribution centre in Bamako will be set up. Direct employment creation will amount to 16 employees at the end of the project rising to 24 two years after completion. In addition, the project will generate employment and income for at least 50 veterinarians. The main development spin-off is, however, expected in terms of significant increases in productivity and income in the Malian livestock sector to the benefit of thousands of rural livelihoods.


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