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Senegal: Biomass gasification for electricity generation

General information
Project location: Senegal

With the support of the Dutch PSI programme, a group of companies from Senegal, Germany and India will establish a gasification unit using locally available typha plant as biomass. Due to its excessive growth, typha has become one of the major problems both for the villages along the river banks and for the river management authorities. This project aims to contribute to solve the problem of typha while at the same time producing 500 kW of electricity for the rice farmers and processors in the area.

Initiated by the project partners, this innovative project has been designed and presented to the PSI fund by Advance Consulting. The project will receive 50% contribution (or close to Euro 750,000) from PSI for the realisation of its objectives. It is envisaged that the project will provide steady employment for local population while also offering additional income to neighbouring villages through purchase of typha and support to typha collectors. The rice farmers in the region will greatly benefit from the constant electricity supply they will enjoy thanks to the new installation and the new to be built mini-grid. The project will be implemented between 2011 and 2014.

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