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Macedonia: Building glasshouses

General information
Project location: Macedonia
Consortium: Kees Greeve BV, Fitohemija doooel
Project Budget: EUR 938,400
External financing: PSI Programme
Project period: January 2012 to December 2013

The natural conditions for horticultural growing in Macedonia are excellent but underutilized. At the same time the demand on the local market for vegetables and flowers has been increasing while the export of horticultural products is obstructed by a range of sector deficiencies. With the view of upgrading the sector and utilising its export potential, Macedonian Government encourages foreign investments in horticulture.

The partners for this project are Dutch greenhouse engineering and building company Kees Greeve and Macedonian agricultural advisor and distributor of agricultural materials Fitohemija. These companies have decided to grasp the business opportunity and establish a Macedonia-based business that will offer to the local market modern greenhouse technology and the accompanying construction and advisory services at a reduced cost.

To bring the technology and the know-how within reach of a larger group of Macedonian horticultural growers, the expertise and a part of production activities will be established locally. As no other companies have embarked on such a business as yet, Kees Greeve and Fitohemija will be the first to transfer the knowledge on greenhouse building and equipment to local employees of their new to be established joint venture company. The final goal of the partners is to create a strong all-round Macedonian expert supplier of greenhouse technology and horticultural services.

With the assistance of Advance Consulting the partners have obtained grant funding of close to Euro 500,000 from the Dutch PSI programme. The grant will be disbursed in the course of two years starting in 2012. The project partners will invest another Euro 500,000 in the development of their joint business in Macedonia.

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