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Nepal: Certified herb extracts

General information
Project location: Kailali District, Nepal
Consortium: Biosynergy A/S and Chaudhary Biosys Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Project Budget: € 1,098,370
External financing: PSI
Project period: July 2011 - June 2014

Nepal is very rich in natural herbal resources but very little value is added to the herbs locally. Two business partners, a Nepali and a Danish company have had the ambition to make a change in this situation. They have approached Advance Consulting with the request to assist them in investment engineering and finance acquisition.

Together with the project partners Advance Consulting has formulated the project and prepared a business plan. The project proposal was submitted for co-funding at the Dutch NL Agency (PSI Programme).

After PSI has approved the grant of Euro 500,000 for the implementation of the project, the Nepali and the Danish partners have established a joint company in Nepal and commenced the project activities.

Upon project completion, the new joint venture company will be able to export three organic and Fair Trade certified herbal extracts, thereby providing employment to 40 staff and enabling 220 contract farmers and collectors to improve their income.

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