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Zambia: Tier II data hosting, recovery and forensic services centre

General information
Project location: Lusaka, Zambia, Zambia
Consortium: Schippers IT & NetOne Information Technology Limited
Project Budget: € 852,905
External financing: PSI programme
Project period: From July 2012 to January 2014

Applicant H. Schippers IT is an IT company specialised in providing forensic IT and data recovery solutions to the private and public sector. With the emerging Zambian economy, more and more data storage and exchange will be digitalised which increases the local need for safe transactions, recovery and forensic data analysis. Together with Zambian company NetOne IT – providing ICT solutions for the local market –  Schippers is establishing a data centre for providing data hosting, data recovery and forensic services in Lusaka. The data centre will target the banking, private sector and public (governmental) sector in Lusaka and its vicinity. The project will have a large impact on the local economy as it will enable the financial and economical sector to undergo a further sustained growth on basis of sound and safe digitalised transactions and data systems. The project will create employment for 25 people, whilst the data centre will acquire Tier II and ISO 9001:2008 certification. Training will be provided to staff of the joint venture, amongst others in the field of IT security protocols, marketing B2B, data hosting and data recovery/forensic services protocols, and data privacy.

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