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Senegal: Electrification project in the Municipality of Pata

General information
Project location: Senegal

Advance Consulting has secured financial support from the Daey Ouwens fund for an electrification project in the Municipality of Pata in southern Senegal. A biomass gasification unit will be installed at the Municipality premises, based on the locally available biomass waste.

The Pata community will organise the biomass supply and the distribution of electricity to more than 8,000 households in the village. The German gasification technology will be introduced and initially managed by German experts, who will train local staff to independently operate the installation after the completion of the project.

The project is the first of its kind in Senegal and has the potential for multiplication in other regions of the country. Once the electricity is available 24 hours a day the German project promoter also intends to support the development of small businesses in the village.

The project budget of close to Euro 1.4 million will be covered for 50% by the Daey Ouwens grant. The implementation period is 2 years.

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