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DR Congo: Establishing a sustainable cocoa supply chain in Equateur province

General information
Project location: Equateur province, DR Congo
Consortium: Continaf BV, BTC Export
Project Budget: € 690,000
External financing: PSI Plus
Project period: From 01/07/2012 to 31/12/2014

Continaf BV from the Netherlands and BTC Export from DR Congo will jointly act upon the business opportunity of exporting quality certified cocoa from DR Congo. Through this project transparent supply chain arrangements in the cocoa sector of Equateur province will be established for the first time. This will be achieved through investments in  capacity building of growers in GAP, setting up farmer cooperatives, improved logistics and storage, fermentation and drying facilities, and certification.

This will result in cocoa quality improvement, yield increase, better traceability, and sustainability. Compared to the informal supply chain arrangements which currently prevail in Equateur this will be a marked improvement for both cocoa growers and the regional economy. Margins for cocoa growers are small unde

r the current system and do not provide any incentives for production and quality improvements. Due to the lack of transparency in the supply chains, quality certification is impossible. No value is added to the cocoa and issues related to sustainability of production and child labour are not addressed. In the whole of Equateur province, an area of 403,292 km², cocoa farmers sell their unfermented wet cocoa for a low price.

The partners will set up a new Joint Venture and employ and train 42 staff. At least 2,000 cocoa farmers will be involved, who will all receive assistance and training towards a better yield and price. The cocoa production will be UTZ Certified and/or Rainforest Alliance certified.


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