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Sierra Leone: Establishment of a medical imaging & diagnostics centre

General information
Project location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Consortium: Akai House Clinic Ltd, Medics Services Ltd
Project Budget: Euro 1,500,000
External financing: 60% grant funding by PSI Plus
Project period: September 2009 - August 2011

Quality and comprehensive medical services are very limited and sub-standard in Freetown, and are almost nonexistent for all but most minor treatment outside of the capital. Due to inadequate diagnostic and imaging equipment, lack of medical resources and limited medical specialty personnel, complex diagnosis and treatment are unavailable.

Considering the plain lack of modern medical facilities and services in Sierra Leone, the project partners have identified excellent business opportunities in the medical sector. The imaging & diagnostics centre will fill a gap in the local market where no modern facilities are available, forcing many residents of Sierra Leone to seek expensive medical services abroad or to content with inadequate diagnostics and care.

The indicative hardware plan for the medical centre mainly consists of medical equipment and furnishings; which would comprise of various radiology, ultrasound and cardiography machines, a CT scan machine and a basic laboratory. Training of medical staff is essential for the venture, which will otherwise fail in its aspirations to become a healthcare facility of international standing.

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