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Ethiopia: Establishment of a sustainable supply chain for industrial bamboo products

General information
Project location: Sidama region, Ethiopia
Consortium: Elephant Bambusprodukte GmbH, African Bamboo Plc
Project Budget: Euro 1,500,000
External financing: 50% grant funding by PSI
Project period: July 2011 to December 2013.

Ethiopia has the largest bamboo resources of Africa (1 million ha), but the contribution of the sector to the national economy is still very low. The value-chain is not linked to the national market and engagement in bamboo export trade is non-existent. Elephant Bambusprodukte GmbH, a German company specialized in the development and sales of innovative and trend-setting products made of bamboo, and African Bamboo Plc, will cooperate to establish a sustainable supply chain of industrial bamboo products in cooperation with outgrowers. A bamboo processing factory will be established, to produce compressed bamboo panels and outdoor decking. An outgrowers scheme will be established in the highlands of Ethiopia, involving some 1800 farmers through cooperatives. The farmer cooperatives will maintain  their own collection centres and their members will receive training in sustainable in cooperative management and in the sustainable harvesting and management of their bamboo forests.

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