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Malawi: From Bio-waste to Bio-fuel

General information
Project location: Zomba, Malawi
Consortium: Demeco Enterprises and Wood Industries Corporation Limited
Project Budget: € 627,511
External financing: PSI
Project period: From July 2012 to January 2015

Demeco Enterprises and its business partner in Malawi – Wood Industries Company (WICO) – see good opportunities to convert the waste products of WICO’s sawmills into high quality briquettes that can be used as biofuels. Demeco can provide the state-of-the art technologies needed for the production of normal and waxed briquettes as well as charcoal

briquettes from saw dust produced by WICO’s pinewood sawmills.

The PSI project will entail the establishment of briquette production line at one of WICO’s sawmills in Zomba. Through this project a total of 38 new jobs will be created and at least 50 sales agents in different parts of the country will be provided a sustainable income.

The briquettes will be a sustainable and affordable replacement of charcoal used by the majority of the poor in Malawi. In addition to supplying the domestic market, the JV partners will also pilot with the sales of high quality wax briquettes and charcoal briquettes.