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Peru: Growing and Trading of Hypericums

General information
Project location: Between Huaraz and Caraz, Peru
Consortium: Esmeralda Farms B.V. and Ilpe S.A.C.
Project Budget: € 985,000
External financing: PSOM
Project period: April 2004 - October 2005

The partners started the first breeding and production facility for Hypericums in Peru. These flowers are used in the formation of bouquets and their consumption is expanding rapidly. The flower farm is located one of the most spectacular Andes mountain ranges between Huaraz and Caraz. The flowers grow at 2,300 m above sea level; where the climate is stable (the temperature fluctuates by about five degrees Celsius throughout the year). The total farming area is two hundred hectares; this pilot project develops twelve hectares. The pilot includes the construction and implementation of an irrigation system, installation of a lighting system, computer for irrigation control, cold storage, trucks for logistics and implementation of ISO-9001 quality standards.

Esmeralda Farms B.V., is highly experienced in breeding and growing of fresh cut flowers. Esmeralda breeds a large variety of novelty flowers like Gypsophila, Limonium, Hypericum and many other varieties. The Esmeralda varieties are very carefully selected, based on disease resistance, colour, texture and vase life.

The climate conditions and soil composition in Peru offer great conditions for growing Hypericums and allow a year round production. Consequently it is possible to create a constant supply of Hypericums all year round, which is of great importance in the flower industry. The local partner, Ilpe S.A.C., is a local Peruvian grower of WAX flowers. As of 2001 Ilpe is the only supplier of WAX-flowers for Esmeralda. A disadvantage of growing WAX-flowers is their seasonal growing pattern, which is from May to November. In the five remaining months there is no (business) activity for Ilpe, concerning WAX flowers. Therefore Ilpe S.A.C. was looking for new opportunities to become a more efficient producer of fresh cut flowers. This Hypericum project suits this purpose very well.

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