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Indonesia: Hair stemcell transplantation clinic in Jakarta

General information
Project location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Consortium: Hair Science Institute BV and PT Akurat Intan Mayda
Project Budget: € 1,175,260
External financing: PSI
Project period: From July 2012 to January 2015

Applicant Hair Science Institute BV (HASCI) has developed a patented Hair Stemcell Transplantation (HST) technique. Compared to conventional hair removal/transplantation techniques, it yields better results in terms of improved hair generation, less or no visible scars left, improved hair sustainability effects and improved treatment efficiency and patient comfort. This technique is used exclusively in HASCI’s clinics in Europe.

Together with local medical partner AIM, HASCI intends to set up a hair transplantation clinic in Jakarta. Loss of hair in the South-East region of Asia is  seen as an urgent (cultural) problem, creating a vast commercial potential for HASCI. Already, the clinics in Europe receive various patients from South-East Asia to undergo treatment.

HASCI will set up an HST clinic in Jakarta to serve the domestic and regional demand. The joint venture will employ 45 staff members amongst which dermatologists and nurses. Hardware investments include building renovation and purchase of medical/operational equipment. Staff will be trained in a.o. HST techniques, (post) patient treatment, hygiene, dermatology, HIV/AIDS prevention, applying diagnostic tests.

The company will pursue an active outreach campaign which includes accessing a network of hospitals and clinics. It will disseminate and publish information on its transplantation techniques amongst relevant sector players including doctors and dermatologists.

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