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Kenya: Introducing seed based propagation in Kenyan cut flower sector

General information
Project location: Naivasha, Kenya
Consortium: Bloom BV and Stokman Rozen kenya
Project Budget: € 913,000
External financing: PSI
Project period: From June 2009 to July 2011

As a leading supplier of cut flowers in attractive sales concepts to retail clients in continental Europe Bloom sees excellent opportunities to expand and diversify their product range supplying flowers like lisianthus and snapdragon. Year round supply of quality flowers for a competitive price certified under the Fair Trade label will be a pre-condition to realize this market opportunity. With this aim Bloom and its partner Stokman Rozen Kenya decided to initiate local propagation of plant material of selected cut flowers from seeds replacing expensive import from Netherlands. Once established local propagation from seeds reduced the cost price of cut flowers like lisianthus substantially as transportation costs were cut and quality of the plant material improved. As a result profitability along the supply chain increases.

The project facilitates the construction of a modern pilot propagation unit of 4000 m² at the base of Stokman Rozen. The venture is a joint activity of Bloom and Stokman with technical support of the company Ball, a leading breeder and propagator of cut flower seedlings. Intensive TA is provided as propagation from seeds is a highly specialized activity. When in full production the propagation facility can produce up to 400.000 seedlings a week. Seedlings are sold to interested local clients.  Directly 42 persons, mostly women, are employed. Indirectly the employment of several 100s of workers in the cut flower industry is safeguarded, as through reduction of production costs local production of flower crops like lisianthus and snapdragon has become  more competitive , volatile world market. By replacing import of plant material the Kenyan economy will strengthened. The project contributes to a more sustainable and CO2 neutral production of cut flowers as the propagation unit is heated on solar energy and transport to import seedlings is cut.


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