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Ethiopia: Marketing protein-rich soy products

General information
Project location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ethiopia
Consortium: Export Trading Company, Dl Patel Co. and Seba Foods (Malawi) Ltd.
Project Budget: € 1,251,500
External financing: PSI Programme
Project period: July 2009 to December 2013

Pramukh Agro Industries Ltd was the first in Ethiopia to produce Tasty Soya Pieces (TSP). They are an excellent product to supplement the local diet, as it is high in protein and rich in essential minerals and vitamins. As a meat replacing food product TSP fits well in the local culture where a major part of the population (40%) follows the principles of Orthodox Christianity and regularly fasts throughout the year when consumption of meat products is prohibited

The project partners for this project are commercial companies from Kenya, Ethiopia and Malawi. The soya processing plant, located in Addis Ababa, was built in line with HACCP standards and the factory is operated according to SA 8000 principles. The processing line has an annual capacity of 1,325 ton and first became operational in April 2012. A second processing line has been ordered to meet the increasing demand. This second processing line is expected to become operational during the second half of 2014. Pramukh Agro Industries Ltd currently employs 76 people of whom 56% are female.

The production of the Tasty Soya Pieces is based on GMO-free soybeans sourced locally from 340 smallholder farmers at fair market prices. These farmers are members of the Chawaka Farmer Cooperative Union and received extensive training on improved soybean production practices and post-harvest management and they receive ongoing crop advice.

Advance Consulting assisted the partners to develop the project proposal and business plan and was involved in the project’s implementation. The PSI project was completed in December 2013.


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