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Burundi: Mobile phones assembly, repair and recycling

General information
Project location: Bujumbura, Burundi
Consortium: Sino Winner (H.K.) Ltd., Sopeco SA
Project Budget: € 1,136,952
External financing: 60 % grant through PSI Plus
Project period: From July 2012 to December 2014

Mobile phones are currently being imported to Burundi and Rwanda, where mobile phone sales have been growing tremendously and 

are expected to keep on growing. The project partners have benefitted from this development as exporter and distributor since 2010.

To further seize the market opportunity, increase service levels, and benefit from relative low labour costs and import duty exemptions, the project partners will establish a CHR assembling factory for branded mobile phones with a mobile phone service centre in Bujumbura. Besides contributing to economic growth and quality

of life of consumers, the project will have a significant positive impact on the environment and sector: the service centre will not only repair and recycle mobile phones from the project, but also from other brands.

In terms of employment the project will provide for 53 full-time positions for staff which will receive extensive on-the-job training. A workers’ union will be established, and ISO 9001 certification on quality management obtained. At the end of the project, 120,000 mobile phones will be sold, around 7,500 mobile phones will be repaired and 11, 300 mobile phones will be recycled, resulting in a turnover of EUR 2,005,000.


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