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Guatemala: Piloting hybrid vegetable seed production services

General information
Project location: Jalapa, Guatemala
Consortium: De Ruiter ‘s-Gravezande BV, Megaservicios Luna and J.H. Trouw Holding BV
Project Budget: € 1,476,170
External financing: PSI
Project period: From June 2010 to June 2012

Applicant De Ruiter ‘s-Gravezande BV has jointly with local partner Megaservicios Luna and Dutch partner J.H. Trouw Holding BV set-up a joint-venture in Guatemala, called HFT Seed Services.

International vegetable breeding companies are focused on the development of new hybrid varieties. Before these new varieties can be commercialized, seed production out of the parental lines has to be realized, which is a very labour intensive activity due to manual cross-pollination. The demands of vegetable growers, are changing rapidly as vegetable growing is becoming more intensive with year-round production and increasing yields. The availability of hybrid seeds with reliable quality (germination, purity and seed health) is therefore becoming also more vital. The project partners have offered such alternative by establishing a Guatemalan joint-venture which pilots on-demand hybrid vegetable seed production services for international breeding companies. High-tech greenhouses with a total production area of 0.9ha has been set-up and central facilities constructed, furnished and equipped to house offices, staff facilities, warehouses and post-harvest handling rooms. Staff is employed and intensively trained in all aspects of hybridization and seed extraction techniques according the new developed phytosanitary standards Good Seed and Plant Practices (GSPP). Quality is assured by ISO 9001 certification.


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