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Nicaragua: Piloting the cultivation of fresh herbs for export

General information
Project location: Nicaragua
Consortium: Bar-Magen Ltd, Holanda Agroindustria SA and Ginosar Valley Agriculture Ltd Partnership
Project Budget: € 959,100
External financing: 50% grant funding from PSI
Project period: From July 2009 to April 2011

Bar-Magen, a marketer of fresh agricultural produce, is presently the largest Israeli exporter of demanded high quality fresh herbs to the East Coast of the USA. The high quality niche market for fresh herbs is growing annual and supply is lacking behind demand. However, In view of increasing production costs and high transport costs Bar-Magen is seeking cooperation to purchase in the future quality fresh herbs from Latin America, while selling the herbs purchased from Israel in Europe, gaining market share on both targeted markets. Jointly with its Israeli client with respect to the marketing of tropical fruits, the agricultural company Ginosar, and the Nicaraguan agricultural company Holanda Agroindustría, which has also Israeli shareholding, Bar-Magen established a joint-venture for the growing and packing of high quality fresh chives and basil for the demanding East Coast of the USA. Greenhouses (8ha), a packhouse with cooling store, offices and staff facilities were constructed and equipped with Israeli technology. Staff is contracted and trained in all relevant aspects of herb growing and post-harvest handling as well as business administration. According local standards, good salaries and working conditions are offered, especially for women. The entire production process will be certified for internationally recognized environmental and food safety standards.

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