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Sierra Leone: Processing smallholder palm oil into toilet soap in Freetown

General information
Project location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Consortium: Adam Afrique SARL, Wahex Industries Ltd
Project Budget: € 1,296,000
External financing: PSI Plus
Project period: From 01/09/2009 to 31/08/2013

Till date the soap production inSierra Leone concerns laundry soap, which is an unrefined product that is manufactured from crude palm oil. In order to manufacture toilet soap however the palm oil needs to be refined, bleached and deodorised (RBD). Since there are no palm oil processing facilities inSierra Leone, toilet soap is imported at relatively high cost, making the high-priced product unaffordable to most Sierra Leoneans.

Adam Afrique from Côte d’Ivoire and Washex Industries fromSierra Leone now jointly invest in the processing of palm oil and manufacturing of toilet soaps. Local manufacturing will not only render toi

let soap more affordable to Sierra Leoneans, it will also provide a new market outlet for smallholder producers of palm oil.

The Joint Venture buys the crude palm oil from local oil palm farmers. Following processing of the palm oil, toilet soap will be produced in different sizes, scents, colours, shapes and packages. The Joint Venture will sell within Sierra Leone as well as to the regional export market, working with contracted logistics companies to take care of distribution.

The hardware plan includes the renovation of the existing building owned by Washex Industries, two palm oil storage tanks, and a toilet soap processing line comprising a.o. vacuum bleaching equipment, a saponification plant, vacuum spray drying equipment, automatic stamping machines and flow and shrink wrapping machines.  The project will generate direct employment for 33 persons and substantial income earning upstream (smallholders, traders) and downstream (distributors, retailers).


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