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Zambia: Production of forage seeds

General information
Project location: Chisamba, Zambia
Consortium: Klein Karoo Seed Marketing (Pty) Ltd., Chartered Seeds Ltd.
Project Budget: € 1,028,000
External financing: PSI
Project period: August 2011 and December 2013

With increasing commodity prices for grains and oilseeds the prices of animal feed supplements have risen considerably over the past few years. Pasture improvements and the production of forage crops can replace the need for expensive feed supplements to a large extent. Dairy and beef farmers in Zambia have a growing interest in forage crops, but locally produced forage seeds are not available on the Zambian market. Klein Karoo Seed Marketing from South Africa has a long track record in the breeding,production and marketing of forage crops. Together with its Zambian project partner (Chartered Seeds) it will establish a new company through which it will set up the first forage seed production in Zambia. Through farmer-managed trials and demonstrations and close cooperation with the existing input suppliers in the Zambia livestock sector the seeds of different forage crops will be marketed. Investments are required in seed production equipment, seed cleaning and storage facilities, vehicles, etc. The new JV company will target the large scale commercial beef and dairy farmers as well as the small/medium sized dairy farmer. As part of this project new staff members will be recruited and trained in seed production and marketing technologies.

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