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Ukraine: Purification of drinking water from polluted ground water

General information
Project location: Sverdlovsk, Lugansk Oblast, Ukraine
Consortium: V&T Group BV, Paques BV, Vitens NV, Liga-Teks Ltd, Filto Ltd
Project Budget: Euro 750,000
External financing: 100% grant funding by Partners for Water
Project period: January 2007 - June 2008

Ground water is one of the major but still untapped sources of drinking water in the Ukrainian province of Lugansk. In the city of Sverdlovsk the Municipality water services cannot guarantee the delivery of clean and safe drinking water 24 hours a day. This project will contribute to solving of the drinking water problem by filtering the ground water that is abundantly present in the region.

The main building block of this demonstration project is the building of a water filter system with the capacity of delivering 100 m3 clean water per hour, sufficient to serve some 20,000 residents of Sverdlovsk who are currently exposed to contaminated water.

Further, placing of durable pipelines will make large savings possible due to minimised transportation losses. Thus the risk of water contamination during transport will be eliminated.

Finally, installation of water meters in each household will make it possible for consumers to pay according to their actual consumption while being able to tap clean water any time of day.

In this way the project will demonstrate to the Ukrainian drinking water supply sector an integrated approach for improving the water supply, which combines:

  • the purification of ground water
  • renovation of pipelines, and
  • reorganization of water distribution and billing.

In parallel with the main project, another small project will be implemented. It will develop a small purification installation (container filter), capacity 5-10 m3 per hour, for one village. Together with the local water supply company solutions will be sought for sustainable clean water delivery in distant rural areas.

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