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Palestine Territories: Iron scrap recycling in Hebron

General information
Project location: Hebron, Palestine Territories, Palestine Territories
Consortium: Strabla S.n.c. and Al Haddad Investment and Steel Company
Project Budget: € 1,500,000
External financing: PSI Plus Programme
Project period: From 1 January 2013 to 31 December 2014

Strabla S.n.c. (Strabla) is an Italian engineering company and producer of heavy industrial equipment for the metal working sector. Al Haddad Investment and Steel Company (Al Haddad) is a Palestinian steel working company, producing steel bars.

Al Haddad suffers from a very unreliable and irregular supply of iron billets (the raw material needed for the production process). It is a severe problem that causes the production to cease for three to four months every year with many negative consequences for the company, its employees and its clients. At the same time, very much iron scrap is available in the State of Palestine. All is collected and exported to Israel and Turkey to be smelted into billets. In a way, Al Haddad currently buys the billets from abroad which are made from the scrap in the State of Palestine.

The project entails the construction and installation of a furnace and casting equipment to smelt the locally collected scrap. This does not only significantly impact the company, its employees and its clients, it is also a tremendous gain in environmental respect and the creation of new jobs.

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