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Burundi: Solar lights assembly, repair and sales

General information
Project location: Burundi
Consortium: Solidarite pour un Development Integre Sprl (SDI), Solux Service GmbH
Project Budget: 238,625
External financing: 167,038 from EEP (Energy and Environment Partnership) / Southern and East Africa
Project period: 2015-2016

85% of households and 80% of businesses in Burundi use kerosene lamps for lighting. Households spend about EUR 5 on kerosene fuel each month. Kerosene lamps cause health problems (respiratory, eye infections, lung cancer), pose a fire hazard and illuminate very inefficiently. Furthermore, kerosene lanterns are a big source of carbon emissions – an estimated 0.1 tons of CO2 annually at a weekly consumption of one litre.

Therefore solutions are sought to replace kerosene lamps with more sustainable and environmentally friendly LED_50 modelsolutions. Solar lamps have all the required benefits but the initial investment needed to purchase one is considerably higher than for kerosene lamps. Also, the quality of the lamps on the market is sometimes low, creating reluctance at potential customers to invest in solar lighting.

This project aims to introduce a new business model for the production and sales of solar lamps in Burundi. The lamps to be introduced, developed by the German company Solux, will be assembled locally, thereby decreasing the cost while maintaining the high quality. The lamps are robust and suitable for use both inside and outside, they can illuminate a room for 3-7 hours (depending on the type) and have a useful life of 3-4 years.

During the pilot project, the partners will start the assembly of lamps in Burundi and establish the distribution network.

Summarised, the project’s objectives are:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of the assembly workshop for solar lights in Burundi;
  • Build capacity of local staff for assembly, maintenance and repair;
  • Build capacity of local staff to transfer knowledge to the distribution partners;
  • Marketing /promotion and sales started in 4 provinces.
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