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Egypt: Stand-alone toolshop and test centre for thin walled injection moulds

General information
Project location: Cairo, Egypt
Consortium: Van den Brink B.V. and IEU
Project Budget: € 1,487,500
External financing: PSI
Project period: January 2012 - June 2014

The Egyptian plastic packaging industry for thin walled containers is a well-developed market. However mould-making and quality mould-refurbishment is still a very underdeveloped sub segment in this sector. Consequently Egyptian moulders rely on oversees toolshops for refurbishment and repair of their expensive and complex injection moulds. Van den Brink and IEU started the first Egyptian stand-alone toolshop for refurbish

ment of complex injection moulds.

Van den Brink produces and refurbishes moulds for the (thin walled) packaging industry. The company has customers world-wide. For the production of thin walled packaging (like a buttercup), fast running and reliable long life moulds are crucial. Van den Brink is able to provide these moulds. From design to the production Van den Brink is able to assist and supply the demands of the plastic moulder. All moulds and machine parts are manufactured and tested by Van den Brink. Van den Brink furthermore supplies and designs the automation of moulding machines.

IEU is a family owned business specialized in injection moulding (the production of buttercups for example). Its main business is the production of thin walled containers. OIther products are: drip irrigation components as well as cosmetic containers (which are made of thicker plastic) and custom moulding. Through a sister company IEU also supplies moulding machines to the local market.

The two companies will set up a joint venture to refurbish moulds for Egyptian injection moulding companies. In the future also new moulds could be produced.

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