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South-Africa: Stand-alone toolshop for thinwalled injection moulds

General information
Project location: Durban, South-Africa
Consortium: Van den Brink B.V. and Topline Tooling Ltd.
Project Budget: € 1,490,804
External financing: PSI
Project period: July 2009 – 31 December 2011

Moulds are used by the (plastic) packaging industry in injection moulding machines for producing e.g. plastic pots, cups, lids etc. Many of these plastic products can be found in supermarkets for the packaging of food-products. Although the South African packaging market is well developed, the mould-making industry is still an underdeveloped sub-sector in the entire packaging supply chain in South Africa.

Considering their long-term relationship and matching ambitions and strategy, Dutch mould-maker Van den Brink and its South African client Topline Tooling Ltd, recognized their good match to successfully start a stand-alone toolshop in South Africa able to produce and refurbish complex injection moulds of high quality.

This project will strengthen the South African packaging supply chain in general and develop the mould-making industry in particular. South African moulders, who currently strongly depend on foreign (= distant) toolshops for their complex and expensive injection moulds, will have an alternative manufacturer nearby, due to this project.For knowledge partner Van den Brink the project will lead to a solid position on the South Afric
The joint venture between Van den Brink and Topline Tooling will contract 11 new high-level full-time employees and equip a modern toolshop able to stand on its own. Once this pilot project is in operation and successful, the partners will further invest in the joint venture to be able to manufacture bigger volumes and develop its position in the South African plastic packaging industry and other (emerging) markets in the Southern market, which fits in their strategy: similar project are being implemented by Van Den Brink in Russia and Egypt.
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