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Suriname: Sustainable supply chain of smoked fish for export

General information
Project location: Commewijne, Suriname
Consortium: Applicant Ruisvis BV and local partner Suvveb NV
Project Budget: EUR 857,675
External financing: PSI
Project period: 1 January 2011 – 30 June 2013

The fishing sector in Surinam is an important employer and contributor to national economy from export earnings. A handful of processing companies in Surinam have facilities that are approved by the European Commission (EC) to export fresh and frozen fish to the EU market but there is no fish smokery that meets the food safety requirements. As a result, potentially valuable fish is sold below cost price in the local market, whereas the same fish could attract a high price if smoked according to EC-approved standards. The project partners plan to develop the export potential of smoked fish from Surinam to the premium EU markets by establishing a modern smokehouse that fully complies with EC requirements.

The following activities have been planned:

  • to establish a joint venture in Suriname
  • to set up a fish smokehouse and train staff to produce high quality smoked fish
  • to provide training and obtain HACCP certification of the supply chain
  • to obtain EC-approval for export of smoked fish from Surinam.

The project will assist fishing companies to upgrade their operations as required and create a more organised supply chain by absorbing surpluses and limiting fish offal. Hence the joint venture will be a motivating but also stabilising factor in the fisheries sector of Surinam.

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