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Myanmar: Vegetable wholesale market management planning

General information
Project location: Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar
Consortium: Advance Consulting BV (the Netherlands) in cooperation with Fresh Studio (Vietnam)
Project Budget: USD 60,000
External financing: Mercy Corps / LIFT Fund
Project period: February - May 2016

The central objective of the consultancy assignment is to develop a wholesale market management plan (inclusive of the required regulatory framework for wholesale trade of fresh produce) for two new wholesale markets in Yangon and Mandalay, Myanmar.

Two new wholesale markets for fresh horticultural produce (fruits and vegetables) will be constructed in Yangon and Mandalay. These new markets will replace the existing wholesale markets, which are congested and do not deliver added value services to preserve the quality of the produce. The two existing markets are the main wholesale market hubs for fresh fruits and vegetables in Myanmar. The way that business is conducted at these two wholesale markets can have a large impact on the overall performance and the development of supply chains in the horticultural fresh produce.

The assignment is commissioned by Mercy Corps acting on behalf of the Vegetable Sector Acceleration Task Force (VSAT), a public-private sector platform that promotes vegetable sector development in Myanmar. The VSAT was established in 2015 with active support from amongst others the Netherlands Economic Mission in Yangon.

The main deliverable will be a finalised wholesale management plan. The plan will be prepared and checked against the following criteria: (a) operational efficiency; (b) financial viability; and (c) meeting the needs of the main user groups. It will cover the following aspects of wholesale market management in the fresh produce sector:

  • the main services, regulations and operations to be developed under the wholesale market management;
  • support services to be incorporated aimed at sector development and market innovation;
  • the business model based on an assessment of the financial and economic viability, and the available capacities for the management and implementation of the markets’ operations.

Know-how and expertise with handling and trading of fresh produce in the Netherlands and in the Asian region is an important reference for the fresh produce market management plans.

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