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There are many ways to develop your business by crossing borders – for instance, by forging strategic alliances with overseas partners, by establishing or expanding production in developing countries, by improving the quality of products sourced from abroad, or by increasing access to export markets. To advance your international business, our consulting services break down in Financing Services and Advisory Services

Financing Services

We assist you to leverage your own resources to acquire financing from commercial and concessional funding sources. We assess your case, if necessary strengthening it, until we believe it has sufficient chance to attract funding. We develop or improve your business plan into a proposition that is tailored to the specific requirements of the funding programme of your choice.

We have a very strong track record in acquisition of grants (subsidies) for our clients from competitive Dutch and international programmes. Insofar your project does not qualify for grant financing, we develop a bankable business plan to acquire concessional loans from development banks and other finance institutions. If appropriate and so preferred, we prepare investment propositions to attract private equity from strategic investors, venture capitalists or social capital providers.

We undertake finance acquisition generally on a success fee basis, i.e. a fee that you pay us on positive achievement of an agreed milestone, typically on formal approval or on disbursement of funds.

Advisory Services

Aside from finance acquisition, our advisory services include matchmaking, feasibility and pre-investment studies, project management support and other technical assistance assignments for companies and government organisations, nearly always concerning private sector development in developing countries.

We generally provide advisory services on a fixed fee basis, so that you know in advance precisely how much our assistance will cost for delivery of agreed input and outputs. In grant projects, our advisory services are included in the project budget and therefore partially covered by the grant.