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Equity finance

If your company’s financing needs cannot be met by loans and grants, equity finance may be an option. In case of a start-up company, equity finance (venture capital) is often the only financing possibility. Equity investors generally seek a minority stake, preferring the entrepreneur to maintain the leading shareholding position.

Equity investors include development finance institutions (DFIs) and social venture capital (SVC) funds that provide capital to businesses deemed socially and environmentally responsible. These impact investors are looking for business cases that provide attractive returns to investors as well as market-based solutions to social and environmental issues.

We have a network that may connect you to equity finance to help finance your business. Depending on the objectives and characteristics of the investment and its promoters, we will seek a match with an appropriate equity finance source. We prepare the proposition (investment memorandum) and underlying business plan and will assist you in negotiating a fair and mutually rewarding, often temporary partnership.