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Grants (subsidies)

Grants (subsidies) are available for private sector investment in developing countries from governments, development banks and non-governmental organisations. Grant facilities typically target high-risk investment projects that have a high payoff in terms the programme’s specific developmental objectives. Grant programmes are generally organised as competitions as there are far more qualifying project ideas than can be funded. In case of development banks, a grant is often provided to complement a larger loan.

Grant funding is of course financially very attractive when you do not have to pay back the funds. However, grants come with strict performance, reporting and accountability conditions; we can provide project management support to help you comply with requirements.

We have first-hand knowledge of grant programmes that may apply in your case. A selection of the grant facilities is presented on our website. Contact us for more information or send us your company profile and project idea for first scrutiny, so that we can advise you if and how you can qualify for grant funding.