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Advance Consulting connects the private sector to the world of impact financing to achieve financial, social and environmental returns that are tangible, sustainable and scalable. We are strongly committed to making a positive difference – for our clients, for their customers and for this world.


"We are here to make a positive difference. Where this is not possible, we decline the assignment. Where we fail to deliver the cure, we forego our fee."


Since our establishment in 1999, we have successfully assisted hundreds of companies to qualify for grants, loans and equity from various impact finance sources, generally for projects in Africa, Asia and Latin American. Where appropriate, we facilitate new B2B and public-private partnerships by leveraging our network and experience. In addition, we advise donor organisations and NGOs on private sector development in developing countries.


Although we work across all economic sectors, most of our assignments are in the AgriFood and Renewable Energy sectors.

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