Frank Joosten is Senior Associate Advisor at Advance Consulting. He joined the team of Advance Consulting in January 2007 and coordinates the development and implementation of Advance Consulting’s projects in Africa and Asia. He has over 25 years of international experience in more than 35 countries in Asia, Sub Sahara Africa, Europe, Middle East and Latin America.


Frank has an MSc in tropical agriculture and development economics from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. The unifying theme throughout his career has been the provision of development support for entrepreneurs in the agricultural and food industries in close collaboration with public and private sector partners.


Key areas of competence include business and investment planning; formation and management of public-private partnerships; project and programme planning and formulation; monitoring and evaluation services; supply chain management support; sector studies; organizational advice and institutional development.


From the 1st of March 2013 up to the end of 2015 Frank Joosten was associated with Wageningen Economic Research as Research Fellow. Prior to joining the team of Advance Consulting, he was Head of Department for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security at the International Agriculture Centre (currently Centre for Development Innovation) at Wageningen University & Research. He lived and worked in amongst others Bhutan, Bangladesh, Zambia and Western Samoa.

Frank Joosten

Senior Associate Advisor