Krisje has been working for Advance Consulting since January 2007 and has since acquired impact financing for SMEs investing in Africa. She is an experienced business consultant, skilled in financial business planning and quick in analyzing local context. She has become a trusted advisor for various clients by establishing long-term business relations, initially sourcing grant funding and subsequently, as the client’s business matures, more commercial impact financing. Building on her experience with a wide range of private sector investment projects, she now specializes in fundraising for companies in the renewable energy sector.


Krisje has a regional focus on East and West Africa. She has spent quite some time there both for business and leisure, so she is well at home in these regions. Her drive is to contribute to enabling job creation and energy access, and to stimulating local value addition and creation of secure offtake markets. In her work for Advance Consulting, she is able to combine her preference for legal and financial disciplines with her social engagement and interest in different cultures. Krisje has a background in International and European Law (LL.M).

Krisje Theuns-van Hees

Senior Business Consultant

+31 (0)318 672 704