Sjoerd is Director of Advance Consulting, and one of our Senior Business Consultants. Sjoerd has been working in the fields of development cooperation and finance for more than 15 years. His key areas of competence include capital raising for SMEs, strategy development for SMEs and impact investment funds, business case formulation, SME training on strategy and finance, facilitation of public-private partnerships, financial modelling, as well as preparation of sector, feasibility and market studies.


Sjoerd holds a Master’s degree in business econometrics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam with a specialization in finance. He gained invaluable experience with on-the-ground realities of running SMEs in developing countries while being employed as the Executive Director of a social communication company in Uganda for a period of three years. For the initial five years of his career, Sjoerd was corporate finance, treasury and risk management specialist for a renowned consultancy firm in the Netherlands.

Sjoerd Herms

Director / Senior Business Consultant

+31 (0)318 672 709