Wojtek has 7 years of experience in international diplomacy, policy development, public-private partnerships and rural development programmes. He has worked for the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Kenya, the European Commission in Belgium as well as Deloitte Consulting and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Wojtek has experience with value chain and agribusiness development in various sectors, including horticulture, dairy and aquaculture. His all-round background combines valuable knowledge of international organizations and donors with hands-on experience in value chain development, project management and partnership building in East Africa.


Wojtek has an entrepreneurial mindset and is particularly skilled in drafting solutions and bringing parties together with a diplomatic approach. He has experience in stakeholder management and engaging in policy dialogue with both local and national governments, including Kenya, Eritrea, Poland and Slovakia. At the same time, Wojtek enjoys interacting with farmers, SMEs and local communities and is skilled in gaining useful insights into their needs and opportunities for development.


Wojtek holds a BA in European Studies and Honours MA in European Policy from the University of Amsterdam and completed several certificate programmes in diplomacy, project management and business strategy. He is fluent in Dutch, English and Polish.

Wojtek Dubelaar

Business Consultant

+31 318 672700