GSMA Assistive Tech is looking for start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises in Africa and Asia with innovative solutions to advance the digital inclusion of people with disabilities. 



GSMA has a call for application until 23:59 BST Friday, 16 October. Check out our calls page for a selection of open calls.



GSMA will provide grant funding between £100,000 and £250,000 for the successful applicants. Successful grantees will receive funding as well as mentoring, support for business models, and opportunities to build partnerships in the new markets.


Project focus

GSMA-Innovation Fund for Assistive Tech aims to support solutions that address one or more of the following barriers in the digital inclusion of people with disabilities.  

• Access – increasing accessibility and usability of mobile technology for people with disabilities.

• Affordability – improving the affordability of handsets or mobile phones and usage fees for people with disabilities.

• Relevance – ensuring availability of content, products and services that are relevant to, and meet the needs of people with disabilities.

• Knowledge and skills – providing people with disabilities with the knowledge and skills required to access and use mobile services, as well as increasing awareness and understanding of the benefits of mobile technology.

• Safety and security – addressing harassment, theft, fraud and security concerns of people with disabilities who want to use mobile services and/or building trust in these services.


Target countries

Low and middle-income countries in Africa or Asia


Eligible applicants

GSMA is open for applications from organisations below who support the digital inclusion of people with disabilities.

  • Start-ups 
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Social enterprises


GSMA is a competitive grant programme, attracting far more applications than can be funded. The selection follows a five-staged procedure:


  • Stage 1: Pitch
  • Stage 2: Proposal
  • Stage 3: Fund panel
  • Stage 4: Contracting
  • Stage 5: Project Launch


Why work with Advance Consulting?

Advance Consulting developed a successful GSMA application for a client with a project in Mozambique. We will guide and help you, from the initial assessment of your project idea up to the approval of the GSMA application. Contact for further information on the GSMA programme.