The USAID Feed the Future Initiative, launched in 2010 by the United States Government, aims to address global hunger and food insecurity through partnerships and innovation. 



The Feed the Future initiative has various calls for applications on a continuous basis. Check out our calls page for a selection of open calls. 



The amount and type of funding vary per call. 


Project focus

The initiative aims to support partner countries to achieve the following objectives: 


  • Improve agricultural production and markets and create new opportunities for security and prosperity
  • Strengthen the resilience of communities to shocks that can lead to famine and political unrest
  • Reduce hunger and improve nutrition, especially among mothers and children
  • Increase the exchange of ideas, technologies and products that benefit citizens at home and communities abroad


Target countries 

USAID Feed the Future currently has 12 focus countries. Please refer to the USAID Feed the Future country list for an overview of the eligible countries. 


Eligible applicants 

The initiative takes an "all hands on deck" approach. The Feed the Future Initiative represents a broad partnership that draws on the expertise, resources and skills of numerous organizations, companies and individuals. The eligibility for funding from the initiative varies per call.  



Procedures differ per type of call. In most occasions, applications involve the submission of a concept note and, in case the concept note is positively evaluated, a full proposal. 


Track record

Advance Consulting has successfully assisted clients in Kenya to develop project proposals for the USAID Feed the Future Initiative. We have assisted them from the project idea up to the approval of the application. Contact for further information. Please note that Advance Consulting is not affiliated with USAID.