Acería Guadix S.R.L, the first iron casting plant producing innovative steel components in Bolivia, has successfully finalized its PSI programme trajectory. Through the PSI programme, the company has received EUR 750,000 grant funding to produce steel components from locally sourced scrap metal through a mechanized sand-casting process. Advance Consulting has provided support to develop the project proposal and business plan and was also involved in the project’s implementation.


Before the existence of Acería, scrap metal was exported and recycled in other countries due to the lack of a local recycling industry. However, due to the establishment of an iron casting plant, scrap materials can now be processed locally, thereby serving a growing market for construction materials. Acería has the capacity to produce 1,500 tons of steel per year and employs 65 people. The PSI grant funding was instrumental in setting up the plant, complying to international environmental (ISO9001), health and safety standards (OHSAS18001) and demonstrating its innovative operations to potential buyers in the railroad industry and the agricultural sector. For more information on this project, please contact Irma Verhoorsel