Post-harvest losses are high in the Bangladeshi potato sector. Advance Consulting together with a group of other Dutch companies will demonstrate how to reduce losses in the supply chain by combining better cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting technologies. We developed a joint project proposal for a three-year project and are awarded co-funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The project has started in January 2019.

The project partners will work closely together with Bangladeshi potato growers, traders and storage companies. The project activities should lead to four different objectives at the level of our Bangladeshi counterpart:


  1. Improved quality and productivity of potatoes harvested by selected growers
  2. Introduction of a new business model for potato storage
  3. Demonstration of improved Dutch storage, grading, handling and packaging technologies
  4. Provide growers, traders, input suppliers access to training and information


It is expected that the project will lead to a decrease in post-harvest losses of potato growers, traders and processors in Bangladesh, which will result in higher net income levels. The use of quality disease-free planting material and the introduction of better post-harvest handling and storage technologies will open up new opportunities for a range of other supply chain improvements. This includes the large-scale uptake of improved seed potatoes and other cultivation improvements, expansion of the potato processing industry and increasing exports of Bangladeshi potatoes.

The total project costs are estimated at Euro 900,000 of which fifty per cent will be contributed by the consortium partners. The remainder will be contributed by RVO. The consortium partners include the following companies:


  • Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions BV (packaging and storage solutions)
  • Allround Vegetable Processing BV (supply of sorting, grading and storage equipment)
  • Agroplant Holland BV (supply of seed potatoes and agronomic advice)
  • Deltadesh Pvt Ltd (local support and supervision)
  • Advance Consulting (project management and private sector development)


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