Advance Consulting is currently assisting the International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC) and Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR) with the development of a multi-year soil fertility enhancement program in Burundi.


Over 90% of the Burundian population depends on (smallholder) agriculture for its livelihood. In a country with very high population density, this has led to intensive and continuous cultivation of agricultural lands and rapid deforestation. The resulting soil fertility decline has become a key constraint to Burundi’s agricultural productivity and hence to the (farming) populations’ food and income insecurity.


The programme will focus on tackling land degradation in rural communities through increasing fertilizer availability and affordability at the farm level and municipal level and through a promotion of integrated soil fertility management techniques. An important component of the program will be the proven Integrated Farm Planning [PIP] approach, which fosters resilience-based stewardship of farmers’ land.


IFDC has requested Advance Consulting to provide consulting services and develop the programme based on the Theory of Change methodology. Programme development is implemented in close collaboration with the project partners and other relevant Burundian and international stakeholders. For more information about the programme, contact Elise te Kaat