Advance Consulting joins the Technical Assistance Facility of the Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC Fund). The ABC Fund is a private impact investment fund initiated by IFAD and funded by the EU, ACP States, the Government of Luxembourg, and AGRA.


The ABC Fund targets ‘the missing middle’ in agribusiness and provides loans and equity investments adapted to the needs of rural SMEs, farmers' organizations, agri-entrepreneurs, and rural financial institutions. It specifically targets SMEs that struggle to access capital and financial services through ‘normal’ commercial channels. The ABC Fund is managed by Bamboo Capital Fund with Injaro Investments Limited as investment advisor.


The Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) was created by IFAD as a separate facility connected to the ABC Fund that provides advisory services to SMEs, farmer organizations and financial institutions. The objectives of TAF are to improve the growth and performance of ABC Fund investees by providing suitable and timely technical assistance. TAF will essentially de-risk the high impact investments made by the ABC Fund and support investees to grow and become reliable, successful investment partners. TAF furthermore supports the ABC Fund’s monitoring and evaluation through carrying out Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk scans and contributing to impact reporting.


The TAF consortium is led by Agriterra and includes Advance Consulting and Rabobank Partnerships as key partners. The initial implementation period of TAF is 3 years. With 20+ years of experience in providing key services to SMEs in emerging economies, the role of Advance Consulting is to support SMEs with tailored pre- and post-investment technical assistance.


For more information about our work in the Technical Assistance Facility, please contact Sjoerd Herms ( 


Source photo: IFAD